What is a Darknet. We explain in simple words

Darknet (English darknet — “shadow Network”) is a segment of the Internet that is not indexed by search engines and is available only through specialized browsers.

These are resources for anonymous communication, trading and file sharing.

The Darknet uses its own domain systems .onion and .i2p (instead of, for example, .ru or .com), and to access a site with such a domain, you need a Tor browser or an I2P program.

The main resources in the Darknet are all kinds of shops, forums with illegal information and other sites to which claims could arise on the regular Internet. In the shadow segment of the Network, they sell databases, take orders for hacking accounts and conducting cyber attacks, sell drugs and illegal pornography.

This black market has reached its heyday thanks to the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which are quite difficult to track transactions for.

In addition to illegal trade, the Darknet makes it possible for residents of countries where there is political persecution and there is no freedom of speech to communicate safely. In the gray zone of the Internet, there are versions of quite familiar sites, for example, Facebook, The New York Times or BuzzFeed.